when just out of the blue, guys start showing interest in you but its still not the boy you want. You don’t want to hurt these guys or lead them on, is this how it feels to be a player? who knows but its godamn tricky. You don’t even want to want the guy you want but feelings don’t just go away, even if they are bad for you. Maybe this is just all a cliche of ‘wanting what you don’t have,’ that works by me.

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Feelings that come back are feelings that never left. Frank Ocean  (via kauionalani)

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Haven’t written much lately so what has been going on?

Besides my mum getting a skin cancer cut out (not a malignant one) and being in a car accident, not much really. I have almost forgot about my feelings for someone and that is a pretty good thing…I now have an iPhone 5, so that has been pretty swell and yeah, i am basically just waiting for school to end and for it to just be summer holidays so i can enjoy christmas, new years, australia day and all that lovely weather. Also my mum said she will think about a 16th party… life is looking sweet 

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